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It can always be seen in the TV series. Once you enter a French restaurant, the tableware is placed on the third floor and the third floor. The duties are not to be confused. What is the specific?
Western tableware layout diagram Western tableware use method

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Ceramics have been widely recognized as non-toxic tableware and reports of poisoning of porcelain tableware. It turns out that some of the beautiful outerwear (glaze) of porcelai
What kind of meals are there? Tableware material classification and characteristics

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The disposable tableware is divided into the following three categories according to the source of raw materials, production process,
There are several types of environmentally friendly tableware. What is the real environmentally friendly tableware?

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Western tableware has certain rules. Place a plate of main dish on the table in front of each position, and put the dish of the dish on the plate.
How to take a knife and fork when eating western food?

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